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Personal Assessments

Know Thyself

Socrates & Plato

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RESULTS: Objectively understand, (1) the value that you bring to any organization and (2) areas in which you need to leverage others to ensure success.

A misconception many overachievers hold is that they can do anything and do it well. While this is true to a degree, constantly performing outside of your natural abilities causes stress and strain that could ultimately lead to under performing in your current role. Understanding your inherent strengths and blind spots allows you to be more cognitive in how to leverage yourself and others for joint success.

Our suite of personal assessment reports offers empirical data on your personal style, motivation, and mental models. But the true value of this data comes to life in a non-judgmental debriefing with one of our executive coaches. This self-discovery process provides insights that will be useful throughout your career.

Sample Assessments
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