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Change Diagnostic Index ©

We believe that ‘resistance to change’ isn’t about resistance at all… The difficulty with change can be summed up in one word… attachment.  

The Pivot Point – Success in Organizational Change By Dr. Victoria M. Grady and Dr. James D. Grady

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RESULTS: Provide data driven analytics to guide and power change management decisions mitigating risks and maximizing ROI.

In planning a big change initiative, it’s imperative to know if the individuals in your organization can pull it off and their level of their commitment to the outcome. You need to ensure there are no issues brewing beneath the surface. You need the confidence that to design the best change strategy, verify it’s progress, and maximize your success potential.
We recommend the Change Diagnostic Index © to assist our clients in assessing their organization’s readiness and continuing progress in change. Change Diagnostic Index © measures the individual’s behavioral response to change and provides real-time data to enable leaders to predict and mitigate the impact. Change Diagnostic Index © enables leadership to make effective and efficient decisions to allocate time and resources.
To learn more about how the Change Diagnostic Index © diagnostic can optimize your change initiatives, please call us for a free consultation.

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